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Best Slot Machines to Play Online – The Guide for Beginners

Best Slot Machines to Play Online – The Guide for Beginners

The best gambling sites provide solid games software for best slot machines to play online and this guarantees fair games and total security at online casino slots. Great graphics of such websites as well as many other dynamic features offer the best experience of online playing. Combine these characteristics with 24/7 availability via your phone or computer and the comfort of your own home – and you will enjoy the brightest moments.

Main features of the best slot machines to play online

When you start choosing from the endless variety of available online casino games, there are particular features that can make slot machines your best choice. Among all other casino games, slots offer most in their variety and have the greatest potential winnings.

The main advantages are:

  • generous welcome and loyalty bonuses, especially a plenty of bonus spins for a new player;
  • high payout percentages, up to 97%;
  • as easy game play and rules as only possible;
  • easy cashing out;
  • bright and exciting graphics.

Many more individual advantages can be found for any particular player, which is why slots are the most common choice in many casinos.

Types of best slot machines to play online

There are four different types of slot games:

  • Three Reel Classics, in which a player has to line up three identical images in a row;
  • Multi-Payline and Multi-Reel, in which a player has multiple sets of reels and a variety of lining up identical images;
  • Video slots, which are similar to classic best slot machines to play online, but integrate this game with a particular theme using music, video and image effects along with bonus games and new extra ways of winning;
  • Progressive slots, which are connected within one massive casino network with a huge number of players. Each game played contributes to the common jackpot pool and ultimately, the winner receives it all.

All these types of games are worth trying and wait for their players on all casino websites.

The public choice of 2019 in slots

In best online slot machines, real money plays an important role in the public choice, because all players simply do not want to lose their real money and look for as best slot machines to play online as possible.

Here is the list of the most popular slots in 2019:

  1. Starburst with bright and glowing intergalactic theme;
  2. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy with classy 70’s theme including such items as old-school aviators or a glass of scotch;
  3. Family Guy, based on a TV show and including favorite characters;
  4. Fairytale: Red Riding Hood with the theme based on the popular fairytale of the little girl in the red hood;
  5. King Kong Fury with the theme of the jungle battle between a huge gorilla and furious dinosaurs of Skull Island.

All the named games belong to the video slot type and offer not just simple gambling, but an exciting story behind each game. So, if you decide to take your chances with slots, choose the story that touch you most and may the luck be with you!

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